Beauty Snacking - Nourishing Your Looks

Beauty Snacking

A phenomenon that emerged during the first lockdowns, beauty snacking is gaining more and more followers around the world to the point of becoming a key trend for the year to come. But what does this appetizing term mean and how does it fit into our daily lives? You know those long working days that seem to drag on? What about that famous afternoon slump, which usually happens an hour after lunch, around 3pm, are you familiar with that feeling? There is just one solution to these two problems, a little pick-me-up! But we're not talking about coffee, tea, or even worse, alcoholic beverages… No, it's all about taking a beauty shot that combines relaxation, pleasure, and a well-deserved break. That's what beauty snacking is all about, and the trend already counts followers all around the world.

A Wellness Break

During the lockdown, workdays, or rather the days of online work, were long and tiring, if not endless. As a result, the long moments of soaking in the bathtub, a charcoal mask applied to the face, while waiting for a scrub and the home hair treatment indulged in every Saturday, all those have turned into micro sessions of self care, between two contracts, reports, or videoconference.

The objective is to take an invigorating, energizing break, that helps you avoid the monotony of this period of social distancing. Thus the trend of ‘beauty snacking' came to be.

And contrary to what one might have imagined, heading back to the office didn't really alter these new habits adopted by women and men during lockdown.

While we're not suggesting you apply a quick face mask in the middle of an open space, it is about using certain — more discreet — products at any time of the day to give your morale, as well as your skin, a boost. Trend agency WGSN predicts the trend will increasingly take off in 2022, citing micro beauty moments to break up the homeworking lifestyle or create moments of pleasure.

Which Products Are Good For Beauty Snacking?

Of course we're not talking about giving yourself a wax or scrub or deep moisturizing treatment in the middle of the day… You can save these relaxing moments for the weekend. On the other hand, there are a multitude of products — and more are expected to arrive at rapid pace in 2022 — that are perfectly suited to this new practice.

You're probably already using some of them… Like lip balm and scrub, rapid face masks, eye masks and patches (of course it's better to be working remotely when using those last two).

But the cosmetics best suited to this trending routine of the future are none other than moisturizing mists and sprays that can be applied at any time of the day, no matter where, and which don't affect one's makeup.

Here are the easy ways to join the stress-buster, 'Beauty Snacking' club while you give self-care your maximum attention. Guess what? If you're off to work rushing to your office every morning, you can still sneak-in breaks for the love of your skin. Anything to put you in a comfort zone and free your mind from all chaos.

  • Lip Care: Are your lips chapped? Run a quick DIY scrub made with brown sugar powder and olive oil on your lips. Wear the skin out gently and add moisture to soften your pout with a lip balm.
  • Sheet masks: Have a zoom meeting scheduled or is the winter dryness getting to your skin? Sometimes all you want to do is to unwind. So, sit back and slap on a sheet mask that calls for hydration. Nothing quite a jade roller to help your skin take a breather and stress out your face muscles. Expect well-hydrated skin and skin that can boast about a rosy glow.
  • Hand cream: Your hands needn't be as rough and dry as a rock that's gleaming under the bright sun. Well, your skin can embrace that glow but minus the rugged feels. Use a cream to moisture and help your fingers smell good. It can easily improve the health of your skin and leave it soft as your hand sanitisers tend to contribute to the parched texture.
  • Face mists: A burst of hydration combined with soothing scents. What better than this to transport your skin to wonderland? This especially comes in handy when your face is looking for some refreshment post you've woken up from a nap. Go for something that can help your skin look bouncy, plump, and glowing.
  • Aromatherapy diffusers or candles: We all know the power of essential oils and how efficiently these can go above and beyond in de-stressing tensed muscles, skin, and hair roots. Place this break as a mandate and lit up a scented candle or simply add a few drops of essential oil to your diffuser. Help yourself breathe into a zone that brings about good vibes.
  • Eye masks: All that blue light and overworking will have your eyes worked up brimming with dark circles. Give it the time to be free and cool down. What better than under-eye masks to work up a miracle for your eyes?